Monitoring your home or business shouldn’t be hard.

With 101control, we provide you with customizable and versatile security systems that make it easy for you to stay safe and be in control.


Universal Smart Control Gateway

A highly customizable gateway that enables users to modify the system to their needs. Customizable settings include configuring layout, content, or system functionality.
Additionally, the user is able to create sensor buttons and set their appearance, move sensor buttons around an image background to reflect the physical environment, create triggers and scenes, or make association among sensors.

Some of its characteristics:
Compatible with over 700 Z-Wave smart sensors from different manufactures
Currently supports several Wireless Protocols including Z-Wave, WIFI, Infra-Red, Bluetooth.
Enables users to monitor and control electric devices remotely via smart-phones, tablets or PCs.
Can be used either with internet connection, or with an intranet connection inside a private network.


Omni-directional sensor

The omnidirectional sensor is an RF sensor that is able to monitor and detect intruders reliably.

Each sensor can monitor a 3-dimensional, 10 feet diameter spherical coverage area with no signal coverage blind spot.

The possibilities of this sensor are endless. It can be used to monitor a vast variety of areas, such as: Bank Vaults, Museum Exhibits, Jewelry or Gun Safes, or any other commercial, residential places of value for intruder or human detection.